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The INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati, local non-profit dedicated to “stopping the brain drain” and attracting young talent to IT careers at local employers, announces it is doubling the size of its Board of Directors.


 TiER1’s Chief Technology Officer Norm Desmarais was added to the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati Board of Directors along with five other new members. The board had only five members for the first five years, and have now decided to more than double in size. This growth is to prepare the locally based non-profit for a new phase of community engagement and growth.

The other additions to the Board include Jeannine Abele, CIO, GE Aviation – Commercial Engines & Services; Margie Matthews, Assistant Director of Technology, Saint Ursula Academy; Melanie Moody, Associate Director, Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble (retired); Joe Robinson, EVP & CIO of Fifth Third Bank; and Piyush Singh, SVP/CIO, Great American Insurance.

These senior executives and leaders join Board chairperson Jim Scott (Kroger CTO), and the other current members including Dr. Vivek Choudhury (UC College of Business IS Dept Chair), Melissa Johnson (Comair VP/CIO), Dilip Lillaney (P&G Associate Director, Global Business Services), and Geoff Smith (LP Enterprises President, former IT Director, P&G).

According to Executive Director Doug Arther, “This is one incredible brain trust! I am so excited for the students who will benefit from this amazing team of local senior leaders. We couldn’t have a more dedicated group of individuals, and I am really  looking forward to taking INTERalliance to the next level with the sage guidance of this experienced team of professionals.”

The INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati was formed in 2005 by Doug Arthur of Atos Origin, Tony Saldanha of P&G, and UC’s Vivek Choudhury.  The goal was to “stop the brain drain” and attract top Cincinnati students to local careers in Information Technology. Since its first “IT Careers Camps” was launched in 2006, five hundred top regional 10th graders from more than 40 local high schools have experienced the unique INTERalliance program. More than 100 regional high school students have been placed in paid summer Internships at local sponsors, including P&G, Kroger, GE Aviation, Kao Brands, Cintas, Atos Origin, Zakta, and ShareThis.


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TiER1 was selected to brand an internal initiative for a national pet retailer. The initiative will span over several years, and TiER1 will create a name and logo for the project.

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Alright, that headline might be a stretch, as Forbes didn’t directly say TiER1 was relaxing. However, they did just release their list of America’s most relaxed cities, and the Cincinnati metro area was ranked 7th! Being that TiER1 is in the region, and we were just named one of the best places to work, I took some creative liberty in connecting the dots.

So what exactly constitutes a relaxing city? According to Forbes, it’s areas with lower stress, which they say are indicated by things like low unemployment, short commutes, and good health care. I’d say Cincinnati certainly has all of those, and more great characteristics. I particularly enjoy my short commute to work (less than 10 min door to door). As far as employment goes, TiER1 is doing its part to create jobs in the region, and we even have some positions open now! Last but certainly not least, health care in the region is exceptional as well. Take Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which is routinely ranked among the top 10 children’s hospitals in the country. It’s no coincidence that they’re a client of ours either, as great organizations like Cincinnati Children’s and TiER1 see the value in working together.

What do you think contributes to a good quality of life in a region? What factors are important to you?

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Last week TiER1 was awarded Cincinnati’s Best Place to Work award. Over 200 companies were nominated in the competition sponsored by the Business Courier, and TiER1 received one of the 13 awards. The evaluation criteria included workforce engagement and employees’ opinions on management effectiveness, trust, and other workplace issues.

We have always aspired to make TiER1 a great place for all people who come in contact with us, and being recognized as such is truly an honor. As we continue to grow, we want to maintain our fun, challenging and rewarding workplace. And thanks to our clients (and hopefully to the work we’re doing for them!) we are growing! So if you know any super-talented, really hard working, fun people looking for a pretty great environment, feel free to pass the word along.

Here is a little look at what helped us win:

We work hard (and play hard)!

We love a little friendly competition…

We give back to our community.

We actually do enjoy each other’s company.

We have great leadership.

We have great employees.

We do great work.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We believe in TiER1, and all work together to make it a great place!


Who doesn’t want to work for a great company? Here are some current positions at TiER1.  Click here for more details !

  • Part-time Recruiter (OK, when you read the rest of the list you’ll understand why)
  • Creative Designer
  • Instructional Designer (Experienced and Entry Level)
  • Industry Performance Specialists:  Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services
  •  Account Delivery Manager, U.S. Air Force
  • Human Factors Engineer

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TiER1 Creative Team Wins Davey Award

We’ve always known that our Creative Team is pretty awesome, but it seems like they just keep getting better! 

We were recently awarded the Davey Gold Award in the Not-for-Profit Campaign Design for our work on the Cincinnati Scurry. This included all branding, print, website, etc. The team included Craig Dockery leading the design, Ryan Meyer and Jeremy Lucas on the website, Craig Cooper helped with the branding, and our old intern, Kyle, helped with the photography for the clues.  

The Davey Awards is the largest awards competition for smaller firms, what they call the “Davids” of creativity (you know, David beat Goliath). It is for those of us who have great ideas without the big budgets. The judges are from the International Academy of Visual Arts, which is as important as it sounds. You can learn more about the Davey Awards here

This is TiER1’s second Davey Award, but the first of hopefully many Gold Awards! Congrats team!

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Let’s start with what we’re doing:

We’re helping organizations perform better.  Period.  In the end we see four major ways we do it:  through better Talent Management (helping organizations get the right people in the right roles); Learning & Development (get those people the right knowledge through custom learning programs); Organizational Change Management (help them implement big changes like cultural changes, new products, mergers, and new software systems); and Knowledge Management (create networks in the organization that allows knowledge to flow).

How do we do it?  To date we’ve put together four key ingredients: experts in instructional design and adult learning principles, super-talented creative design folks who can make communication compelling and effective, rocket-science technologists who know how to put together systems, all wrapped with some really great consultants that know how to tie it altogether.

But there’s one piece missing.  As we get bigger our larger clients want us to know more about their industry.  They’re saying to us, if you had more expertise on our side of things, you could help us in even more ways.

So for now, we’re focusing on three key industries:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services

And we’re calling it an Industry Performance Specialist: someone who has lived and breathed in the industry, ideally in various operational or functional roles or at minimum has heavy consulting experience into the industry.  The perfect person will have background with some form of human performance work including organizational change or organization design, talent management, or learning and development – possibly even marketing.  They would be an internal subject matter expert for TiER1’s clients in the respective industry but also have a deep understanding of what we do.

Very importantly they have to have operational credentials that say they managed and lead in that industry.  It could be a PMP certification or Six Sigma training; it could be industry focused credentials or it could be other practical expertise.

If you have deep expertise in an industry with management and leadership experience and it’s been supported by “human performance” experience, we’d like to hear from you.

These positions may be located in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, or Denver.

Click here to continue submit your interest:  http://www.tier1performance.com/content/ApplyNow.aspx

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Who We’re Looking For
You might be ex-Air Force, or maybe a retired civilian that spent a lot of time at Wright Pat. You’re smart and talented but humble; you’ve been successful professionally because you’ve got strong leadership skills, an intense work ethic, and the ability to tackle new challenges. You have a good deal of self-confidence, but you really like to collaborate with others, particularly other smart, talented, but humble people. You have a lot of great relationships because you genuinely care about people. You could probably sell, but the idea of “sales” makes you a little uneasy – what you really want to do is provide value. You know the Air Force and you’re committed to it; but you have an entrepreneurial interest and finding the right “Contractor” to work for is a little unsettling. Maybe this is a fit…

TiER1 is looking for an energetic, entrepreneurial, “smart but humble” Account Delivery Manager in the Dayton area who can lead the expansion of our business at Wright Pat and throughout the Air Force. The position is one half “solution leadership” with oversight for the delivery of our work and one half business development. It’s highly collaborative in nature, working with our leadership team to translate the solutions we create to the needs and opportunities of the Air Force.

The right individual should…
• Be a well-balanced leader who has high-quality personal relationships around Wright Pat and within the Air Force in general.
• Have some form of human performance background which could include organizational design, change management, learning and development, knowledge management or some related field.
• Be well-respected and trusted professionally and very likable personally.
• Be equally comfortable in leading a team in the execution of a project and delivery of a solution as they are in interacting with senior executives and creating a vision for potential solutions.
• Be capable of both big-picture thinking and detailed task execution.
• Align well with the TiER1 culture which means they should enjoy collaborative work, be disciplined but entrepreneurial and creative, place a high value on personal relationships and the opportunity to impact people, have very high personal standards of excellence, and value the creation of value for others.

This is not a “business development” position but rather a consultative / solution leadership position that has account management aspects to it.

Click here to submit: http://www.tier1performance.com/content/ApplyNow.aspx

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