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TiER1 is one of the 56 finalists in the Greater Cincinnati’s Best Places to Work for 2010. Nearly 200 companies competed in this year’s program, and TiER1 scored high enough to be named one of the best places to work in the region.

The finalists will be recognized at a pep-rally style celebration at the Millinneum Hotel on November 4, 2010.The Business Courier will also be featuring the winners and finalists in their November 5th issue. 

TiER1 strives to be a great place to work and is honored to be recognized as one of the best in Cincinnati! To learn more about the Best Places to Work program and to see the rest of the finalists, click here.


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Who We’re Looking For

Someone who enjoys project management and conducting research while at the same time delivering applied solutions to the military and private industry.  You have a passion for writing award-winning research proposals and leading the technical delivery of the project. You have a solid foundation in human factors, systems engineering, human-systems integration, human-computer interaction, usability, and/or engineering psychology.  You stay current with human factors/systems engineering methods and tools.  You thrive in the practical delivery of solutions that immediately add value to users.

TiER1 is looking for an energetic, entrepreneurial Senior Human Factors Engineer in Colorado Springs, CO who can lead our projects with the military and award-winning Fortune 500 clients. The position is one half research and one half solution delivery.  It’s highly collaborative in nature, working with our technology and creative teams to deliver solutions that increase user performance.

The right individual should…

  • Be a well-balanced researcher and project leader who has high-quality personal relationships in human factors/systems engineering.
  • Be well-respected and trusted professionally and very likable personally.
  • Be equally comfortable in leading a team in the execution of a project and delivery of a solution as they are interacting with senior executives and creating a vision for potential solutions.
  • Be capable of both big-picture thinking and detailed task execution.
  • Align well with the TiER1 culture which means they should enjoy collaborative work, be disciplined but entrepreneurial and creative, place a high value on personal relationships and the opportunity to impact people, have very high personal standards of excellence, and value the creation of value for others.


Required Skills/Experience:

  • A Master’s degree in human factors, systems engineering, human-systems integration, human-computer interaction, usability, engineering psychology, or similar field.
  • Demonstrated experience with methods and tools in human factors, systems engineering, and/or usability
  • Deep understanding of user interface design concepts and experience working with a team of multimedia experts in producing a functional user interface.
  • Familiarity with modeling and simulation of human-machine systems.
  • Have some form of human performance background which could include organizational design, change management, learning and development, knowledge management, or related field.
  • Demonstrated ability to publish in journals and peer-reviewed conference proceedings.
  • Demonstrated ability to write award winning research proposals, technical reports, and grant applications.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead research grants.
  • Strong written and presentation skills.
  • Previous government security clearance or ability to obtain one.
  • U.S. Citizenship.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume with references and portfolio of work (if possible).

Click here to apply!

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TiER1 Company Meeting: Highlight Reel

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TiER1’s talented (and humble) Creative Director Craig Dockery will present at the GCASTD 2010 Fall Conference on October 8 on the effective use of Storytelling in learning.

Last year, Craig was the highest rated presenter at GCASTD with his exploratory session on Information Design. If you are going to the conference, be sure to come to Craig’s session! It definitely won’t be your typical breakout session.

If you haven’t signed up for the conference yet, you still have time. This year’s keynote speech is from Jim Smith Jr., entitled: RESET: Developing Powerful Habits to Greater Performance! Click here for more information on Jim.

The conference also features 9 break-out sessions with industry thought leaders, ranging from ways to make presentations more engaging to working with multiple generations, and much more (like Storytelling!). Click here to view the agenda.

Click Here to Register Now!

Stop by and say Hi!

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Every year toward the end of July, TiER1 hosts its annual company meeting to reflect on the successes of the past year, thank our employees for all of their hard work and to look forward to the year ahead. The company meeting is a 2 day event and usually stems over multiple locations. In the past, we did an amazing race (yea, now it’s called the Cincinnati Scurry) and other cool events for employees to relax and enjoy some time together.

This year our focus was on bringing together our new TiER1 team, including our amazing new members in Pittsburgh. In thinking of the best way to bring everyone together for the first time, we held the first TiER1 Family Reunion. Of course there was plenty of friendly competition throughout the event (we are a pretty competitive group) so we split up into families. It may sound corny, but it was pretty hilarious. Just ask any of the families like the Ruckus family or the Fockers- they will tell you.

On Thursday, we kicked off the event at the TiER1 Covington office and had our first family get-together. It was nice to meet the new team and spend time with our colleagues. Afterward, we headed to the Hofbräuhaus in Newport and spent some time tasting the location beverages and German food. The remaining part of the evening was spent hearing from the founding partners of the company, getting to know one another and later relaxing by the river on the Levee. That lasted up until Matt Ciocca felt the need to break out the dance moves at the Beer Seller – he won the award for crazy cousin. 


Friday morning came early (for some more than others) and we brought the TiER1 group out to the Sandbar, which is a local spot near a boat marina. Here we spent the day playing outside and enjoying the day with lots of fun and food. Some highlights were our first TiER1 kickball tournament, along with corn hole, volleyball, driving range and trivia challenges.

Of course, no family reunion is complete without the pie eating contest, which came down to a brutal competition between Ben Shulman and Jerry Hamburg. (Ben & Jerry….get it?) Jerry won with flying colors.


Finally, we wrapped up the day with TiER1 awards. It is safe to say everyone had a great time and kept the bar tab high. We are already looking forward to next year’s event!

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Team TiER1 Rides for MS

TiER1 participated in the 30th anniversary of the Bike MS: Venture the Valley on July 28 and 29.  The TiER1 team consisted of Dave Bock, Jeff Sirn, Bob Fulcher, Kevin Moore, John Judy, and Craig Cooper. 

And here is how they did…

John raised a bunch of money then bailed to help the USAF win a war or something but a big thanks for signing up and doing his part. Bob Fulcher raised a good amount of cash, showed up on Day 1 for the ride, had a flat tire before the ride, and we never saw him again (he said it wasn’t because Kevin was duck taping his shoe, Coop was looking for water, or that Dave was wearing these gawd awful orange shorts).  Bob completed 75 miles on Day 1 and 50 miles on Day 2!  Jeff Sirn, stayed with us until the first break on Day 1 and the we never saw him again either. He finished 75 miles on Day 1, then went and worked out for a few hours, conducted a football scrimmage. You know typical day for Jeff. 

Now to the three remaining; Dave, Kevin, and Coop. Riding with Coop in the lead is exactly where one needs to be as you head into the wind!  Kevin drafted him the first 50 miles and only went around him when his back seized up…Coop was great over the two days with rides of 75 miles on Day 1 then 25 on Day 2.  Dave Bock, who doesn’t recognize ANY hills as obstacles was the class act in our trio. He actually would speed up on the hills! Kevin and Dave both finished 75 on Day 1 and 50 on Day 2.  

 Dave and I camped out at the park and we had visits from some good friends who helped us drink a few beers as we listened to the bands!  It really was a great time under the stars and the weather cooperated for the entire weekend. 

 Overall Team Tier1 raised close to 4,000.00 in support of research for MS.  There were 960 riders with a total amount of 600,000.00 which is pretty spectacular.  Thanks to everyone who gave, who supported Team TiER1 on the ride, it really is an amazing weekend.

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In and Around TiER1

Last week the inc. 5000 was released. We were once again fortunate enough to have made the list for the fourth straight year. In light of the economy, we truly are blessed to be a part of something that continues to build momentum and we’re fortunate to have the opportunities to create value that our clients provide for us.

People often ask me “why do you think you’ve been able to grow in this economy?”.  There’s no clear answer to that.  I think it’s a combination of great people, a history of delivering value to clients and creating the opportunity to do more, a strong business model, and a relevant offering.

All of these seem pretty straightforward, but there’s a tremendous amount of work and energy that go into ensuring each of them.  The business model is an important one.  I talk a lot to clients about our Co-Sourcing model.  While it’s actually pretty simple, it’s also pretty unique – and difficult to replicate.   The idea is that in our space of human performance there are too many skills involved to execute on any one initiative well.  This is true with IT also, but in IT the projects are of significant size and scope that you can either higher or contract for full-time individuals for each role/skill.  In our space, the projects are much smaller, more closely connected and not as discreet.

For instance, to roll out a new processes to an organization, you don’t just need a training course, you need to inform and educate leadership with the right message to carry forward.  You need to develop a cascading communication plan.  You need visual assets and a brand for your initiative which includes copy writers, artists, and designers.  You need a blended approach to training people which includes e-learning assets and classroom training (and you need trainers to deliver it).  You need instructional designers, technical writers, Flash developers and interactive designers to pull it all together.  Then you need technologies – learning management systems, portals, knowledge management systems – to support it.  And this is actually a simple example.  Co-Sourcing is a more sophisticated staff augmentation model that allows our clients to tap all of these skills in a variable, agile way – getting the right skill at the right time while still having a partner who understands their business and their strategic direction.

So what? No matter what industry you’re in growth requires creating value in innovative ways.  This is true now more than ever.  Even in basic businesses, like services/consulting businesses, there are opportunities to innovate and fill the white space.  Making the inc. 5000 is a testament to our models and we’re proud of that fact.  But the bottom line is it’s the continued innovation we’ll go through – new products, new services, new partnerships – that will drive the continued growth in the future.

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