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Cincinnati, OH (February 19, 2010) – Cincy Magazine has announced the winners for the First Annual Tristate Success Awards. Founded on the premise that the Tristate’s strength as a thriving business center is built on the growth and success of its businesses, the Tristate Success Awards honor the most successful and consistent public, private and emerging companies in the Tristate. In addition to honoring local companies, this event will serve as a forum for you to connect with other decision makers on the issues and objectives our region shares.

2010 Emerging Winners 2010 Private Winners
BioRX Abstract Displays, Inc.
ElitAire, Inc. Advanced Technology Consulting, Inc.</td
Forward Edge APEX
Handyman Matters of Cincinnati Barleycorn’s
HiFive Development Services, Inc. Bonfiglioli USA, Inc.
Intelligrated, Inc. CE Power Holdings, Inc.
Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana LLC Cold Jet
Partner Professional Staffing Cooney, Faulkner & Stevens
RoundTower Technologies Eisen Marketing Group
RSW/US Global Business Solutions, Inc.
TiER 1 Performance Solutions  Home Care by Blackstone
Top Gun Sales Performance Jeff Wyler Automotive Family
World Pac Paper LLC The Matrix Companies
Worldwide Graphics & Sign Co netTrekker
2010 Public Winners PowerNet Global
First Financial Bancorp Richards Industries
Kroger Rumpke
Meridian Bioscience Sheakley
Procter & Gamble SkillSource
Stock Yards Bank & Trust Verst Group Logistics
  Youthland Academy

All winners will be featured in the April issue of Cincy and honored at an awards dinner on April 21, 2010 at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. Registration and networking will begin at 5:30 p.m., with the awards presentation starting at 6:30 p.m. WLWT-TV Channel 5 news anchor Courtis Fuller will emcee the event. 

Gregory Williams, University of Cincinnati president, will be the keynote speaker. He will address regional issues and discuss topics of success for UC and businesses. Prior to coming to Cincinnati, President Williams served as the president of The City College of New York. 

The author of three published books, President Williams is best known for his award-winning and best-selling memoir, Life on the Color Line: The True Story of a White Boy Who Discovered He Was Black. As a result of his autobiography, he has been featured on a number of national programs including “Oprah,” “Dateline NBC with Tom Brokaw,” “Larry King Live,” ABC’s “Nightline with Ted Koppel” and “Fresh Air with Terri Gross” of National Public Radio. 

Seats are available at $60 each. Tables of eight may be reserved for $450. Contact Beth Gunderson at (513) 297-6218 or visit www.cincymagazine.com for online reservations. 

Joining Cincy in sponsoring the Tristate Success Awards are Humana, Wood & Lamping, LLC and First Financial Bank, and partnering with Cincy are Tri-ED of Northern Kentucky and OKI. 

For more information call Eric Harmon, publisher, at (513) 297-6205 or visit www.cincymagazine.com.


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Like many other boys growing up in the 1950’s, the B&B Blogger never turned down an opportunity to go to the movies. [That’s what it was called. You never went to a movie. It was always, “Hey, yawanttago ta the movies?”] Westerns weren’t the B&B Blogger’s favorites. But, in those days, probably seven out of every 10 movies in which the Blogger and his friends would be interested were westerns – even if the hero was a dog, and not somebody on a white horse.

And, in probably seven out of 10 westerns, the big and nearly climactic scene would feature a gunfight. There might be multiple actors involved (usually stupidly “hiding” behind a water trough or a split-rail fence). But, the main focus was always on the duelists: The bad guy, played way, WAY over the top by somebody like Lee Van Cleef, would come slowly (but jingly) down the street – every step a determined act of sweaty meanness. The good guy, played straight as an arrow by Roy or Jimmy or John or Gary, would be seen standing still at the other end of a long dusty street, gulping and not really wanting to move forward. No wonder! The good guy always had a handicap, right? It might be that he had hurt his gun hand and was going to have to draw with his left ear. Or maybe he only had a single-shot derringer to go up against the bad guy’s TWO six-guns with frighteningly long barrels. But, of course, the main handicap was that no matter how stinkin’ bad the bad guy was, the good guy simply could NOT DRAW FIRST. No matter. The good guy ALWAYS drew second and ALWAYS won.

Of course, the Blogger and all of his friends would be happy at the outcomes of these duels. But, soon enough, there would be scoffing at the impossibility of drawing second and still winning – every time. The Blogger would then try to explain to his friends why actions controlled by the pre-supplementary motor area region of the medial-frontal cortex are typically slightly more inhibited at onset than are actions initiated by the planned movement sequence in the parietal cortex. Yet, inevitably, before the Blogger could get to the most exciting parts of his explanation, the group’s conversation would veer quickly to debates over something like the relative merits of Camels vs. Luckies.

…And, thus, somewhat-fond memories tickled the B&B Blogger’s hippocampus this week as he was reading the Feb 3 edition of the Proceedings of the Royal Society and came upon an article on the neurological superiority of reaction over intention. Welchman, Stanley, Schomers, Miall, and Bulthoff reported a clever experiment showing that initiation of an action takes nano-longer than the initiation of the same physiological behavior made in reaction to the former, likely because the two processes are controlled by different parts of the brain. As you must have surmised by now, the speculation – in gunfighter terms – is that an unprompted action is controlled by the more inhibited medial-frontal cortex while reactive behaviors take the faster parietal loop. The possible explanation? Throughout evolution, it was more important to react to a predator’s attack than to think about attacking a predator.

In closing, the B&B Blogger would like to send out a personal, and long-overdue, message to J.G., Weed, Cueball, and Nerf: Nah-na-nah-na-nan-nah!!!! I told you so, you jerks.

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