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e-Learning in a Down Economy

This was released by ASTD recently:   http://www.astd.org/NR/rdonlyres/66C9F457-69D7-44FA-B60C-9D6FFE438DB1/0/LTETpressreleasefinal.pdf 

The net of it is that economic pressures are driving more organizations towards e-learning.  Not really shocking news, but certainly a pertinent point.  That is, the whole purpose of technology is to enable efficiencies.  The whole purpose of learning is knowledge transfer.  To the degree technology can enable more efficient knowledge transfer; e-learning and the wide variety of forms it takes make sense.  When learning ceases to occur, so should the the focus on technology.  Efficient ineffectiveness doesn’t really get us anywhere.

In this economy (or any brighter one), every learning organization should be looking at how to use technology to drive knowledge transfer more efficiently…and hopefully more effectively too.


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TiER1 and the HUBZone

Early on in our business we learned that we were located in a “HUBZone” or Historically Underutilized Business Zone…doesn’t mean much to you?  It didn’t to us either.  But as we grow in our work with the federal government, we’ve begun to realize what it’s all about. 

HUBZones, or “historically underutilized business zones”, are regions designated by the SBA that the federal government is interested in investing in order to help foster greater community and residential growth.    There are many HUBZone areas throughout the country and nearly every metropolitan area has some segment of it designated as a HUBZone – and some rural areas are as well.  Because of the government’s interest in driving growth in these areas, a certified HUBZone company has competitive advantages in pursuing contracts with the federal government.  In fact, a certain percentage of business is targeted to be set aside for HUBZone certified companies. 

To be certified, you must be located in a HUBZone and TiER1 is.  You must also have a certain percentage of employees living in a HUBZone.  We have decided to make a strategic commitment to this program; we think the program is great as it allows us to continue our investment in our community and help attract outside investment (by way of government contracts) to help build up those around us. 

To acquire the certification we have set up a new legal entity, TiER1 Government Solutions.  TiER1 Government Solutions will be our “sister” company that specializes in HUBZone contracts and helps grow this segment of our business.  We’re excited about the impact this will have both on our ability to create learning and knowledge oriented solutions for the government and to continue to attract investment to the Covington area.

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Keeneland on 10/22

So we’ve got some of our best clients and best friends getting together for a little discussion on learning (our “learning roundtable”) in the morning, followed by some horseracing and, well, fun, in the afternoon.  Come join us!

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More knowledge transfer…

A good week for TiER1 in the government sector…we got verbal approval on a couple of new deals with the department of defense and doors opened for a couple of others.  Whether it’s the aging workforce or movement of functions from one base to another due to the BRAC, knowledge transfer is the theme and it’s something we’re getting pretty good at.  Lots of solutions for us here, and lots more work to come.  If you know of anyone who fits the bill (instructional designers, technical writers, Creatives, knowledge management specialists), turn them our way, we’re going to continue to grow.

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