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I just returned from Boston where I spent time with a leading health care organization.  It’s the third time in the past three weeks where discussions centered on mapping career growth for individuals and aligning training with competencies. 

While competency management is by no means new, we’re finding renewed interest in it for a number of reasons.  One reason is that organizations are realizing they are going to be faced with an exodus of significant knowledge in coming years due to the demographic shift and baby boomers leaving the workforce.  That’s going to drive a need for greater organization when it comes to developing the people who can take their place.  Another reason is that workers have much more mobility – you may only have people for a limited part of their career and the ability to quickly identify their competencies, address deficiencies, and align to their strengths will be critical in maximizing the value you get from them in the time they are there.

A third reason we are seeing this interest is from an economic development perspective.  As we go through this significant economic shift and try to rebuild our economy people will need new skills to contribute to new jobs in new markets.  The markets we compete in economically are rapidly changing on us and the skills to serve those markets will as well.  As a result we’ll continue to see state and local governments pushing for greater coordination and alignment of jobs, skills, competencies and training.  Stay tuned.


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