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Design Thinking

Just a couple of weeks ago I read a great article called Design Thinking at Harvard Business Online. In that article, Tim Brown says, “Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products,
services, processes—and even strategy.”

As the article progresses, Brown goes on to discuss what it means to think like a designer through Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation. He also takes the reader through the Design Thinker’s Personality Profile to help us better identify these thinkers in a variety of organizations and roles.

That particular article by Tim Brown requires a nominal fee for downloading but there is a video presentation on the same topic available at MIT World.


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Cram's home screen

I just saw an interesting article about a learning app for the iPhone on CNet.

Add ‘study guide’ to the long list of tricks you can do with your iPhone. Cram ($9.99) is a solid application that lets you create and import tests on any topic. You’ll be able to take scored multiple choice quizzes or go into study mode, in which Cram provides you with a series of digital flash cards. Cram will flash the question and you decide with a click when the answer appears.

Cram is fairly simple to use, but there is a correct order for getting started. For instance, you had best register for Cram online before you attempt to use it; you can’t currently register from the iPhone.

If you’re planning to create your own test material in preparation of an exam, you should consider crafting that online as well. While you can technically–and fairly easily–compose questions and answers within Cram, typing a series of multiple choice entries is faster work with a standard keyboard. If you intend to reuse multiple choice answers to trip up yourself or others, your computer’s magical cutting and pasting abilities are indispensable.

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Cool Visual Learning Tools

If the visual display of content is something that you ponder over on a regular basis (and what good e-Learning developer or Instructional Designer doesn’t?), be sure to visit Visual Literacy today. There are all kinds of fun things to discover. One of my favorites was the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. Check it out!

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